Starting a design blog is a similar commitment to losing weight. At the beginning, you’re motivated purely by ambition and a need for a fresh perspective. It’s easy to stay faithful during the “honeymoon phase” but like weight loss and healthy living, you can’t afford to drop the ball and neglect your commitments. Although I’m new to blogging, I understand how easy it could be to forget about it and resort to old online habits. Nonetheless, I committed to a blog when I published my first post.


Use a platform or do your own thing?

There are lots of benefits to blogging, the most obvious being the ability to prove your value as a generator of good ideas. This fact alone has helped build platforms like Medium into gigantic marketplaces to find inspiring content. When I first decided to start a blog, I wrestled with the idea of posting on Medium as I knew I’d be able to reach a much bigger audience. I realised I wasn’t the right fit for it. Here are a few good reasons to consider starting your own blog instead of using third-party publishing platforms.


Can publishing platforms own your content?

Publishing a great article on Medium could give you incredible exposure however you’ll need to rely on influential people sharing your content to generate buzz. If your article fails to get a response, it will feel like you’ve given a third-party site your ideas for free. Publishing your own content on your own website will show the world you’re a leader in your industry in addition to helping with your overall search engine visibility. As my website is still in its early days, improving SEO was the major deciding factor for me.


Your ideas will be scrutinised

Most creative people suffer from imposter syndrome in varying degrees. Not many people are immune to it. These feelings are only amplified when your ideas exist on a platform the majority of your industry heroes use. Are you confident enough in your ideas to have every last detail scrutinised? Your imperfect grammar put under a microscope? I’d rather keep my ideas on my modest side of the world. I’d rather spend my time designing useful things than potentially extinguishing flame wars.

EDIT: First blog post, done ✔