My partner and I live only a few minutes from the beach so we’re really getting into the coast lifestyle, trying to head down to the sand at least once a week. My favourite time to hit the beach is around dusk as it’s quieter and my pasty skin can handle the setting sun. Before walking down, I curiously check tide forecasting sites but grow frustrated that as a user, I have to analyse graphs to find out the water levels. Data as simple as low tide / high tide should be presented to users in a more palatable way.


Tidal forecasts should be easy to follow

A few weeks ago, I started designing Hitide, an animated tide forecasting web app for major coastal areas of Australia. The internet is already flooded with weather apps so my intention was to create a single-purpose touchpoint for Australian tides. The project is only made possible by the incredibly accurate tide data provided by Tidespy.

Any feedback on my concept is welcome as I’m still ironing out anomalies. The site is built on the Middleman framework with HTML, SASS and jQuery AJAX. It uses a custom PHP proxy script to bypass cross origin resource sharing issues with the live tide data.

The source code is up on Githubย and here’s the link again.