If you throw a rock into a crowd of designers, you’re likely to hit one who uses at least one cliche to describe who they are on their website. I’ll admit, it’s difficult to avoid them and I’m likely guilty of it but being able to truthfully communicate your value without embellishment is a big part of the job.

Here are a few cringe-worthy cliches designers need to bury once and for all.


“I dream in pixels”

Firstly, if you’re actually dreaming in pixels, I really think you need to switch off and take a holiday. Using this on your website screams amateur and cheap. Truth be told, I once dreamed I was in a small boat on a river writing HTML with my paddle. I woke up stressed that I couldn’t escape work, even while asleep.


“As a designer, I see the world differently”

That’s nice because the design world sees you like every other amateur who says this.


“I’m a <coder>”

You shouldn’t need to prove you are a developer by wrapping your bio in a fake HTML tag. A link to your GitHub account or similar is more than enough evidence you can code.


“I’m a ninja / rockstar / superhero”

It’s hard to believe in 2016, designers are still using these terms and still finding work. It’s worse when a job posting uses “ninja”, “rockstar” or “superhero” because they’re code names for slave labour.


“I’m a design unicorn”

Similar to the previous point, I thought “unicorns” deserved a special shoutout. I struggle to see when this term has any relevance to design. I wouldn’t hire a unicorn in fears they’d break their neck under the weight of their horn and huge ego.