Most visual design tools have plugins and addons to make your design workflow easier — I get that. But I have to admit, Figma is the best tool on the market right now, thanks largely to the great community of plugin developers. These are the plugins I’m using right now.

Find and Replace
This word or phrase find and replace plugin is perfect for making quick copy changes across an entire project. It also adds a keyword search tool to Figma and lets you navigate around projects that might have hundreds of detailed screen designs. I often use it for the latter.

Figma Walker
Similarly to the Find and Replace Figma plugin, this tool lets you jump straight to a screen design based on the title you’ve assigned it. If you don’t have a good and consistent naming convention for screens in your design projects, it might be time to sort that out.

Any designer worth their salt should religiously check the accessibility of their designs. Colour contrast, font sizing, and other accessibility issues need to be dealt with before a single line of front-end code is written. This plugin helps you effortlessly check that your designs are usable and inclusive of all users.

Spelling errors and typos can easily show their ugly face in visual designs. A slip of the finger in a textbox can completely change the meaning or credibility of a design. Use this plugin to check your copy reads nicely. Your users (and your copywriter) will thank you for it.

Compare Text
As the name implies, this plugin lets you take two separate blocks of copy, compare them, and display any differences. It works on most copy — from button labels and form fields to headlines and paragraphs.

Figma Chat
Keep the design discussion in the design tool itself and install this plugin. Take commenting and gathering feedback in Figma to the next level.