My reading list of design articles seems to get bigger and bigger every year. The articles are a great way to stay on top of industry trends and happenings, although you often have to sift through your inbox to find the real gems.


Articles from UX Collective, InVision, NNGroup, and more

Here is a short list of some of my favourite design articles from 2018, in no particular order.

The State Of UX In 2018
UX Collective’s yearly roundup of what is happening in UX is always a brilliant read. This article tackles some big topics including current design tools, artificial intelligence, and the future of design, as well as general industry chatter.

UX Design Trends In 2018
At the beginning of the year, InVision published an article forecasting what user experience design will look like in 2018 and many of their predictions are eerily correct, including what a โ€œUI / UX unicornโ€ really is in 2018.

Web Design Trends 2018: The Complete Guide For Designers
This detailed article from UXPin is a great companion for any visual designer, covering design systems, tactile design, animation, minimalism, and more.

The Most Hearted CodePens of 2018
Keeping with the theme of design trend lists, CodePen’s most hearted pens of the year are inspirational for visual designers and front end developers alike.

Privacy By Design: How To Sell Privacy And Make Change
This Smashing Magazine article focuses on ethics concerning privacy in the modern age and how designers can fight for better security for users.

Journey Mapping 101
Nielsen Norman Group are monoliths in the usability industry and I found this step-by-step guide on building a practical user journey map from scratch useful. This article is a great followup to their article When and How to Create Customer Journey Maps.

Crafting Mailchimp’s New Look
There were a few notable rebrands in 2018, including Dropbox, Instagram, and Mozilla, but my hands down favourite was Mailchimp. Mailchimp’s rebrand wasn’t a simple tweak to their existing logo but rather a complete rebuild of their identity with the introduction of daring typography, an intense yellow and black colour palette, and hand-drawn illustrations.

How WordPress Onboards New Users
The UserOnboard teardowns are some of the funniest articles published in the design community. As a longtime WordPress user, this sarcastic deconstruction hit very close to home.