I’ve compiled a list of 101 types of experiences a designer could attempt before shuffling off this mortal coil. Some of the items are ambitious (eg. design an online bank) but I can happily say I’ve crossed off a good chunk of this bucket list.

  1. Design a responsive blog
  2. Design a mobile native app
  3. Design a desktop application
  4. Design an ecommerce website
  5. Design a single-page website
  6. Design a mobile-first web app
  7. Design a website for a popular brand
  8. Design a website for a digital agency
  9. Design a responsive portfolio
  10. Design an experience with pen and paper
  11. Design a product mood board
  12. Design an online styleguide
  13. Design a pattern library
  14. Design a software wireframe
  15. Design an interactive prototype
  16. Design a skeuomorphic interface
  17. Design a flat interface
  18. Design a material interface
  19. Design a monochrome interface
  20. Design a website with gamification
  21. Design a mobile game
  22. Design an interactive comic
  23. Design a social network game
  24. Design a game interface
  25. Design a VR product
  26. Design a VR game
  27. Design an augmented reality app
  28. Design an AI product
  29. Design a smartwatch app
  30. Design a digital face recognition system
  31. Design a gesture-driven interface
  32. Design a chatbot
  33. Design a signup form
  34. Design an SVG animation
  35. Design a voice only user interface
  36. Design a natural language user interface
  37. Design an interface with shortcut keys
  38. Design a product that passes strict accessibility rules
  39. Design an email client
  40. Design a weather app
  41. Design an app using a publicly accessible API
  42. Design a website tutorial
  43. Design a video hosting platform
  44. Design a travel website or blog
  45. Design a website for a charity
  46. Design a WordPress template
  47. Design a Shopify template
  48. Design a hypothetical redesign of an existing product
  49. Design an interactive timeline
  50. Design an interactive calendar
  51. Design a financial calculator
  52. Design a checkout process
  53. Design a mobile notification system
  54. Design a product on-boarding experience
  55. Design an interactive kiosk
  56. Design a threaded comment section
  57. Design a product case study
  58. Design a user persona study
  59. Design a product for a focus group
  60. Design an automotive dashboard for a car
  61. Design an interface for an automated teller machine
  62. Design a digital music synthesizer interface
  63. Design a job board
  64. Design a betting website
  65. Design a digital time keeper
  66. Design a run-tracking app
  67. Design an online bank
  68. Design a crowdfunding website
  69. Design a food ordering app
  70. Design an eBook
  71. Design a slideshow for a design presentation
  72. Design an icon set
  73. Design a typeface
  74. Design an animated progress bar
  75. Design an animated image carousel
  76. Design a browser extension
  77. Design a website in another language
  78. Design an analytics dashboard
  79. Design an email newsletter
  80. Design an animated infographic
  81. Design an eLearning product
  82. Design a health and fitness app
  83. Design an investment platform
  84. Design a personal finance website
  85. Design a website on the deep web
  86. Design a cryptocurrency wallet
  87. Design a BitTorrent client
  88. Design a dark pattern
  89. Design a web chat client
  90. Design a content management system
  91. Design a shipping cost calculator
  92. Design a digital home security system
  93. Design a parallax scrolling website
  94. Design a horizontal scrolling website
  95. Design a lazy loading website
  96. Design an anticipatory user experience
  97. Design a mobile app using geolocation
  98. Design a product using Lean UX principles
  99. Design an interstitial loading screen
  100. Design and develop a product from scratch
  101. Design a user experience bucket list